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Founded in 1925, the Southern California Planning Congress (SCPC) is an association of cities, counties, public utilities, private consultants, and professionals interested in resolving interjurisdictional and regional planning issues. We are a local organization with decades of spirited involvement in improving Southern California.

The purpose of the SCPC is: 

  • To provide an open forum for constructive discussions on the plans for and planning needs of the cities, counties, and unincorporated areas of Southern California;
  • To stimulate cooperation among stakeholders, facilitate the planning process by raising awareness of issues particularly among decision makers, and thus contribute to resolving the problems facing Southern California, whether as a whole or within a particular community; and
  • To ensure for the present and future citizens of Southern California the benefits of city and regional plans that are well designed and executed. 


We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!


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