Homeless Population Increases By 21% In Riverside County

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The number of identified homeless people in Riverside County jumped 21 percent this year compared to last, but even current figures may not reflect the actual number of dispossessed persons, according to a report that the Board of Supervisors will review Tuesday. 

The Department of Public Social Services will be submitting results of its Jan. 29 “Point-in-Time Survey” to the board for approval so that the report can be certified and filed with the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, which uses the analysis to determine the size of homeless assistance grants that will be allocated to the county. According to DPSS, the PIT survey documented 2,811 sheltered and unsheltered homeless adults and minors throughout the county, compared to 2,310 in 2018.

“The significant increase in the 2019 PIT count can be attributed to an enhanced count methodology that covered a wider area within the allotted count time, increased efficiency through use of a mobile web-based technology instead of paper surveys, implementation of revised survey questions … planned targeting of encampment sites, an increased number of volunteers, and increased participation from city leaders,” according to an agency statement.

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