L.A. Streetcar Project Funding Under Examination by City Council Committee

August 15, 2018 in | Comments (0)


A funding plan to build, operate and maintain the Los Angeles Streetcar Project for 30 years is set to be examined Tuesday by a City Council committee.

The four-mile streetcar would travel through key parts of downtown and could be funded through a combination of federal grants, county Metro funds and local dollars, according to a report from the Office of the City Administrative Officer.

Councilman Jose Huizar, who represents much of the downtown area, called the project “shovel-ready” with $590 million in secured funding. He will oversee a hearing on the plan at a meeting of the Planning and Land Use Management Committee, which he chairs.

“Downtown Los Angeles is in the midst of incredible growth, and we need to do all we can to prepare for that growth and our escalating transportation needs” Huizar said. “In DTLA, we have approximately half a million workers daily, an exploding residential market that continues to grow, and 19 million visitors coming to downtown annually. The streetcar is not only shovel-ready; it is ready to help the region meet our transportation demands as a first-mile, last-mile solution for thousands of riders a day, connecting to four Metro rail lines within downtown L.A. I look forward to seeing a funding plan that will allow us to clear the last hurdle to bring the beloved streetcar back to the streets of Los Angeles.”

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