The Press-Telegram’s new interactive map….Long Beach’s development

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Long Beach knows it can never escape its past — so the city is set to build on it.

Strolling down Ocean Boulevard, it’s possible to see the whole of Long Beach’s history, and what it’s all been leading toward. Cranes sprout skyscrapers, the newest additions to a storied street dotted with generations of elders: the city’s first high-rise at the 1923 Cooper Arms building, the 1965 mid-century modern International Tower and the 1991 Landmark Square office building, to name a few.

Each of these witnessed a different Long Beach era: Its early 20th century heyday as an oceanside destination, when The Pike stood as the city’s beating heart — with its arcades, bath house and wooden roller coasters; its 1950s and ’60s chapter as “Iowa by the sea,” when an influx of Midwesterners headed west in search of opportunity — and found it in the oil- and Navy-dependent city; and its decline in the ’90s, after the breakwater killed the surf and the Navy made its exit, leaving the city without much of an identity to call its own.

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