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We Are All Neighbors in 2022 – Video Available

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We Are All Neighbors in 2022
First-Person Stories of Living on the Street


Saturday, January 22, 2022
10:00 AM to 12:00 noon via Zoom

Whether the fallout from a capitalist and consumer-based economy, an uncaring political system that favors affluence, lack of public healthcare and affordable housing, stagnant wages that lead to poverty, or all of the above and more, a growing number of people face living on the street. Why is this an American phenomenon and how do we reverse it? When provided with appropriate supportive services and programs, and embraced by their community as equals, citizens who were once unhoused are able to recapture successfully their essence and experience lives of joy and fulfillment. Ultimately, they become active community members and valuable contributors. As we begin a hopefully brighter new year, let us strengthen our commitment as planners to making more inclusive decisions about the future and broadening the collective definition of neighbor. Come hear stories of transformation and resilience from those who have survived homelessness.

Guest Moderator:
Brian Biery, Pasadena Neighborhood Network; Adjunct Professor at Pacific Oaks College

Guest Speakers:
Lindsay Dennis, Member of LEAP, CSH Speak Up! Advocate
Dorothy Edwards, Enrichment Services Coordinator, Housing Works
Cynthia Kirby, Administrative Assistant, 1st Baptist Church of Pasadena
Shawn Morrissey, Director of Community Programs, Union Station Homeless Services

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We Are All Neighbors in 2022 – Video Available
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